Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Columbia; no, not Colombia South America

I haven't written anything in a few days because I haven't spent any time in the kitchen in a few days. I did however eat a few good things and took pictures of those things. Aside from the food I also have a bunch of other pictures to share. 
Ok, so the boyfriend and I spontaneously went to Columbia, South Carolina to visit a friend for his Birthday. We stayed with another friend who also lives in Columbia as of right now. A third friend came from Washington D.C. on his way back to Atlanta to meet up as well. So, it was quite the get-together. 
So, here is what we did. 
We arrived late Friday evening and went to the bar that our Birthday-friend was at. I don't have any pictures of this, put he was pleasantly surprised to see us. It was great. 
The next day we slept in late (only interrupted by getting up to watch Formula 1 qualifying) and then went to a pool party. And I mean pool party. The girls-with-plastic-boobage-and-tiny-bikinis kind of pool party. Oh, and there was a beer barrel floating in the pool. It was that kind of a pool party. 
The beer barrel garnered quite a lot of attention and evolved into a pool toy after losing its purpose as a beer dispensing device. 
Everyone got a turn...
Oh, despite a huge sign that stated "No pets allowed in pool area," Liese came with us and enjoyed a little Rest and Recuperation as well.
Oh, I did make a Birthday cake for my friend. Well, I decided not to make a heavy actual Birthday cake and just made summer Berry crumb bars. I think my friends enjoyed it. 
After the pool party we went home, took naps (naps are the best!) and then went to get dinner at Pearlz Oyster Bar in Columbia. Looking back I don't really know why exactly we went there, considering that in our group of six no one besides me seemed to really enjoy the taste of fresh oysters. Not that I'm complaining. I definitely love oysters. Mainly the fresh ones. But I won't hesitate to eat baked ones either. Anyway, we started by enjoying some oyster shots. An oyster shot consists of a raw oyster, tabasco, lemon juice and tabasco. Nom nom nom.
And then came dinner. A dozen fresh oysters from the gulf coast.
This is me eating (slurping) one of those oysters.
 The boyfriend had a tuna burger with asian coleslaw. It was very tasty.
After enjoying all these great things we went out and took a lot of pictures. Here are a few.

This first one is a group shot. Except that at this point we didn't really know the guy in the middle. He looked like one of our other friends though and we decided to take a picture with him. 
At one point someone thought it would be funny if we all touched each others noses. Don't ask. (Mainly because I don't know.)
There was some dancing, too.
Actually a lot of dancing. And some more awkward touching.
And even kissy lips next to handsome boys. Uh-oh.
After this bar we went to some other bars in the area of Five Points. 
And then nothing but sleeping happened for a while. Well, once again the sleeping process was interrupted by watching Formula 1 at 8 o'clock in the morning.
Then eventually we had a carb-laden lunch at Mellow Mushrooms, and spent some time by the pool before taking another nap and heading to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We don't have Buffalo Wild Wings in Atlanta, at least not that I know of. The food was alright, I just kind of expected the Buffalo Ranch Dressing to be spicy or have some other relation to Buffalo sauce instead of just being plain old ranch dressing. Oh and the Buffalo fries thingis could have had some seasoning on them as well... But that might just be me...
Anyways, it was our waitress's 21st Birthday (she had the same name as one of the Disney princesse's... awwww). Soooo, two of us walked over to walmart and bought her a birthday card and a Disney princess balloon. 
The boyfriend had an interview in Columbia on Monday so we stayed until Monday night. I went to a Mall and only bought something a Williams and Sonoma. I think something might be wrong with me. 
On the way back we stopped in Augusta and walked around on the River Walk. 
And we took a bunch of pictures, awwww. 
Oh, yea, Liese walked around with us and did some posing...
She got tired and actually decided to lie down on the backseat, which she almost never does. 
Oh, history was also written when the boyfriend got passed by a truck. It was crazy and actually happened multiple times since we were going kind of slow because of car issues. 
Overall a good long weekend. Hopefully, though, I can get back to doing things in the kitchen now, and use the things I acquired at Williams and Sonoma. 

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